Thuradin Q'Elthar

Moon Druid, Human (with a tiny amount of elvish blood), CG


11 Str, 12 Dex, 12 Con, 14 Int, 16 Wis, 14 Char
Wooden Shield – +2 AC
Leather Armor – 11 AC
Quarterstaff – 1d6(1d8)
14 Total AC
+1 Initiative


I was once a ‘great man’, heir to the Q’Elthar empire, exporters of lumber and furs, taken from the nearby forests that surrounded Elf’s Rock, my home. We were arrogant, greedy and selfish, with little care for the woods which we destroyed or the animals we slaughtered. I spent my days around the town, popular with the ladies as a result of my wealth, but also gambling, drinking and fighting. It so happened that my father, Karwel Q’Elthar, had a ‘disagreement’ with Orel the Black, leader of a local cult known as ‘The Brotherhood of the Blade’. I was away on a business trip of sorts when the news came, and rode back as hard as I could. My entire family: father, mother, and four younger siblings, two of them but infants, had been murdered in their sleep and their remains strung up on the battlements. The guards too, according to a survivor, had been cut through with ease, the assassins moving ‘like shadows’. I thought myself something of a hero at the time, riding back day and night, with on vengeance on my mind, but as my horse was peppered with arrows in the twilight of my fourth day riding, and I thrown to the ground, I remembered I was nothing more than a nobleman’s son, foolish and naive. They had been expecting me and dealt with me swiftly, slitting my throat and wrists in some ritual before burying my body deep in the woods. I awoke years later, at the foot of the largest tree in the forest, surrounded by animals of every variety and breed. The goddess of the wild had seen good in me and forgiven my sins towards Her sacred wood. I was reborn through Her grace, given the power to both exact revenge on my murderers and to spread Her wisdom and teachings. I am Thurdin, Blade of Silvanus and Last Shield of Nature, a living weapon of the wild.

Thuradin Q'Elthar

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